Workplace Compliance & Risk Management

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The Affinity Network

Reduced cost and delays with choice of laboratories and collection sites

Clinic, Collection Site and Provider Site Management

Affinity maintains a large (>15,000) national provider network maintained by a dedicated full time staff. From this network Affinity identifies provider that meet client specified criteria and develops customized client protocols for the identified sites to follow. Affinity ensures that each selected site acknowledges and understands the customized client protocol. Affinity works closely with the sites to resolve errors and ensures error correction training is completed when necessary.

Multiple Laboratory Options

As a third party administrator, we are not limited to just one lab option. We currently work with all significant SAMHSA laboratories in North America and often set clients up with multiple labs for their benefit. This provides you with access to more than one network of patient service centers and the reduced costs associated with PSC collection.

The Affinity Network