Workplace Compliance & Risk Management

customer success through the complete compliance solution


A secure and HIPAA-compliant environment that empowers peace of mind

Our cybersecurity

is maintained through an Affinity team of security experts supporting all of our technology solutions. Rigorously tested and verified by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to meet their requirements, our security also surpasses all HIPAA and HHS requirements. The data stored on our server is protected with DoD- and HIPAA-mandated FIPS-certified encryption methods and we ensure accurate test results through the use of SAMHSA certified labs and our highly secure online environment.

Compliance & Risk Management

extends this dedication to the protection and preservation of privacy and the security of sensitive information. As per HIPAA regulations, we enforce a range of confidentiality policies including PHI Privacy, Information Security and the Privacy and Security Employee Standard of Conduct.

Workplace Security