Workplace Compliance & Risk Management

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Dedicated Account Managers combined with end-to-end service and comprehensive training programs
Workplace Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Affinity has distinguished itself from its competitors by its dedication to personalized service and US Department of Defense data security credentials. Although we continue to make significant investments in state of the art technology, we view these systems as a support tool for our staff and our clients, not a substitute for personalized support provided by real people located in North America. All Affinity clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who closely monitors daily account activity. Your Account Manager will customize procedural protocols to suit your needs. All questions, whether about collection site services, lab testing, MRO determination, CDME results and decisions or billing, can be directed to your dedicated Account Manager. You will never experience a call-center environment at Affinity because we don’t believe in them, and there is no automated call system to get caught in either. Unless you opt to enter an extension, your call will be answered by a person who will direct you to the appropriate individual(s) to assist you.

Expert Panel of MROs and Medical Director

Affinity’s Medical Director offers expert advice and consultation in matters of occupational health and wellness while our Medical Review Officers provide guidance related to DOT compliant testing as well as professional health monitoring, federal and state, regulated and drug-free workplace policies and procedures. Affinity MRO services are compliant with all federal regulations, state requirements, and industry best practices. Our distinguished MROs lead the healthcare industry with ongoing thought leadership and innovation. The depth and breadth of their collective experience is unrivaled. The very same MROs act as your personal advisors, providing expert consultation on all testing issues from program creation to test interpretation.

Clients benefit from Affinity providing both MRO and TPA services. In many cases these functions are separate. Having them managed by Affinity ensures streamlined result reporting process to be more consistent, timely and accurate. In the event that any portion of the service or results is challenged by a participant or regulator you have just one place to go for assistance and expert testimony. This overall process, can insulate the employer from the employee for all MRO safety warnings and/or health related employment issues, reducing the employers total potential liability.